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Progressing the Advantech story for 30th Anniversary

Supplier: Advantech Australia
13 December, 2012

Advantech was established in 1983, and next year will be our 30th year as a corporation.

I would like to express what we have done in the past 30 years and our vision for the next 30 years. With many great ideas coming to mind, we've tried to consolidate the essence of them in this illustration. The altruistic "LITA" tree forest represents the whole 30 year picture of Advantech. Let me explain it.

Thirty years ago, Advantech started from a very small company, and we continued advancing our technology and growing our business until after 30 years as a corporation we've gradually formed into a sizeable enterprise.

The core spirit of the Advantech Corporation is well presented in this corporate altruistic LITA Tree diagram. The altruistic LITA tree represents our corporate philosophy, business vision, corporate governance as well as talent strategy.

In these 30 years, we've gradually established many different business groups; the three main business groups are: Automation, Embedded Computing and Intelligent Services.

In each business group we further divided them into sectors and regions. For example, AOnline is a sector. Therefore the growing of our business is like the growth from a small corporate tree to a forest. We use this illustration to express our idea of how Advantech has grown.

Here's a question: why do we want to use a tree to express our ideas? Firstly, trees are intelligent and they grow continuously and steadily. Secondly, a forest is one of the core elements that make up our planet Earth.

We would like to use this altruistic LITA forest concept to express how we "Pass on" our philosophy in the future. What does "Pass on" mean? We anticipate to "Pass on" our corporate philosophy, governance, vision and traditions through this altruistic LITA Tree as it is the core spirit of our corporation.

Our business expands like the forest, and each tree represents a business group. Currently there are just a few important trees, but in next 30 years we will grow more and more. For now there are 3, but they may become 5 or more after the next 10 years — expanding to gradually become a forest.

The concept of "business expansion" is just like the expanding forest. But we have an important heritage and philosophy here to "Pass on". Each tree is a single independent living being. It's just like a business unit, with an independent system, a leader, leader group decisions and many other functions, and also a comfortable space for development.

In this 30 year anniversary, the heritage and philosophy of Advantech is very important. Each tree here represents this tradition, and this tradition means we have independent business units — all under the corporate altruistic LITA tree concept, sharing the same governance and philosophy.

All LITA business units follow the same corporate vision: "Enabling an Intelligent Planet".

I believe we will need some time to realise this vision to a meaningful result; the time frame should be around 10 to 15 years. For this 30 year vision, we may need more time to plan and structure. At this moment we have a vision for cloud services and the "Smarter City" is a core concept for us to achieve this "Intelligent Planet" vision. For the next 10 years, the Intelligent Planet will be our Corporate Vision.

Next, let's talk about people. Over the past 30 years; we have acquired and nurtured many talents, outstanding talents. We will continue with our effort to achieve a "Good-To-Great" business model. See the figure on the bike; it represents our colleague's adventures in the forest, up-and-down, sometimes having tough assignments while sometimes enjoying and relaxing on the job, however on top of everything we are still targeting our goal towards the business model of "Good-To-Great". This model of "Good-to-Great" will continue to reinforce our business in the next 30 years, so this journey will never stop.

The sun in the left top corner and the human figure logo on the bottom right represent Advantech's "Beautiful Life" - the concept of working and learning towards a beautiful life. This includes our talent nurturing and development for the next 30 years, clearly it is key to have the right talent in our company in order to develop it into a forest.

In the future, the need for innovation is the trend for the future global development. In order to expand our employee capacity in creativity and innovation, we have to inspire their potential to achieve this key ability. The industry trend 30 years ago was very different from that of today, looking over the long term, innovation is the key.

Recently, I read the book "What Matters Now" by Gary Hamel This book clearly indicates the importance of innovation in the future. Therefore, under our core concept of working and learning towards a beautiful life, pursuit of continuous innovation is very important to our future development.

Next year is the 30th anniversary for Advantech and we'll be running some campaigns to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Here I would like to emphasise again, the core concept of this illustration is to express our concept of philosophy and tradition, and next year I would like to encourage all Advantechers to gain a better understanding of this illustration and have this concept as the core element that brings us closer and makes us more focused.

Advantech's 30th Anniversary - Progressing the Advantech Story