Project management

Supplier: Blueprint Concepts
05 June, 2013

When talking about project management, there are several steps included such as the planning, organising, securing, managing, leading and controlling resources.

So in order to successfully complete a particular project either all or at least some of the steps that have been mentioned above need to be carried out.

Blueprint Concepts and Project Management

At Blueprint Concepts we do not stick to the term of a project being a temporary endeavour; we would rather like to focus on building up long lasting customer relationships. In our company, the process of project management is not limited to initiating, planning, monitoring and implementing the signage but we also put special emphasis on after-sales service support and maintenance of the signs if necessary.

The steps of Project Management

In the following you will find a short overview and insight into our way of handling signage projects and conducting project management.


The first step of the project management process at Blueprint Concepts is to touch base with the client and build up a customer relationship.


In the step that is dealing with the planning of the project, several tasks are combined. In order to best meet the client’s wished and requirements, a budget needs to be developed and resource requirements need to be determined. It is also essential to do a site audit to take measurements and become familiar with the specifications of each particular project.

In addition to this, an installation date has to be scheduled and arrangements need to be made in case permits are required. To be able to put the signage project into production, our experienced project management team sets up the artwork of the signage while being in constant contact with the client.


At Blueprint Concepts we put special emphasis on monitoring our projects. This may include following up on permits that might be necessary or ensuring a smooth production process of the signage.


When implementing a signage project, it needs to be made sure that the installation date had previously been scheduled within the given time frame. Our experienced installation managers can then make sure that the implementation of the signs runs smoothly and without any complications.

After-sales service support and maintenance

To make sure that the signage project has been implemented according to the client’s wishes, we at Blueprint Concepts put emphasis on staying in touch with the client. We also make it our business to remain the contact person in case some maintenance has to be done.

Whether you are a single shop or a national chain of stores across Australia, whether you are a corporate or a small business, do not hesitate to contact us.