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Prominent Metering Pumps | Sigma 3

Supplier: ProMinent Australia

Prominent Metering Pumps, Sigma 3 diaphragm metering pump is designed with a highly robust metal inner housing for load-stressed parts and an additional plastic housing for protection against corrosion.

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Prominent Metering Pumps | Sigma 3

The capacity range extends from 145-1030 l/h at a max. backpressure of 12-4 bar. The feed rate is adjustable by altering the stroke length (6 mm) in 0.5 % increments by means of a self-locking rotating knob.

Under defined conditions and when installed correctly, the reproducibility of the metering is better than ±2 % at a stroke length of between 30 % and 100 % (instructions in the operating instructions manual must be followed).

The stable, corrosion-resistant metal and plastic housing is combined with four gear ratios, two liquid end sizes and two liquid end materials. The optional control via switch or analogue signal (e.g. 0/4-20 mA) for the Sigma (S3Ca) controller type means that the pump is highly adaptable, even to fluctuating metering requirements.

In all motor-driven metering pumps without integrated overload protection, for safety reasons, suitable overload protection must be provided during installation.

Sigma/ 3 Basic Type (S3Ba)

The ProMinent Sigma/ 3 basic type is a motor-driven metering pump without internal electronics. The ProMinent  S3Ba offers a variety of different power variations, from the standard three phase motor (standard IP 55) or the single phase AC motors. We also supply metering pumps with ATEX-approval for use in EXe and EXde zones.

Different flange versions are available at any one time and allow the customer to use their own motors to drive the pumps.

Sigma/ 3 Control Type (S3Ca)

The ProMinent Sigma/ 3 microprocessor version (standard IP 65) allows rapid and reliable adjustment to fluctuating metering requirements.

The control unit has the same control surface as the ProMinent gamma/ L metering pump.

The microprocessor controller of the Sigma pumps, featuring the optimum combination of variable AC frequency combined with digital stroking frequency, ensures exact metering even in the lower minimum range due to individual stroke control.

With five programming keys the individual pump functions are easy to set. A backlit LCD gives information about the prevailing operating status. LEDs along with a fault-indicating or pacing relay act as operating and warning indicators to ensure monitoring of the pump function.

Central or decentral adjustments possible with PROFIBUS and/or an integrated process timer.

Diaphragm Rupture Signalling (A)

The delivery unit has a patented multilayer safety diaphragm as standard and a visual diaphragm rupture indicator.

The diaphragm is coated with PTFE film on both sides, from the drive and working side. This guarantees that no leakages to the outside occur if the diaphragm ruptures. When the diaphragm ruptures, metering medium enters between the diaphragm layers and thus triggers a mechanical indication or an alarm via the sensor area. This concepts ensures a reliable metering - even under critical operating conditions.

In connection with the S3Ca, continued metering or alternatively a stopping of the metering pump can be selected.

Integrated overflow/bleed valve (B)

A liquid end variant with integrated hydraulic relief valve is optionally available for pressure ratings 4, 7,10 and 12 bar. The metering pump is protected against overload and the possible resultant damage without costly additional installation, representing considerable cost savings to the operator.

The integrated bypass valve offers the added advantage of being a simple means of venting air from the metering pump during the suction process.

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