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Supplier: Global Capital Commercial

Global Capital Commercial is one of the leading facilitators of commercial property loans Australia wide.

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At Global Capital Commercial we understand that every commercial property loan can be affected by a broad spectrum of variables which can require extensive structuring in order to get the commercial loans approved. With access to over 200 commercial lenders, commercial loan rates starting from 4.95% (1/11/12) and LVR's up to 80%, no one is better equipped to deliver on all your commercial property loan needs.

Due to the global financial crisis the commercial lending environment within the commercial property loan market has generally become very tight with most commercial property lenders lowering their Loan to Value Ratios (LVR’s), tightening commercial credit policy and with many commercial lenders pulling out of the commercial property market entirely, has left many commercial property loan borrowers frustrated with the lack of commercial loan products available to them.

Global Capital Commercial though our wealth of experience in the marketplace and access to over 200 commercial property finance lenders has been able to offer our clients access to commercial property loans which have matched their commercial finance requirements even through these trying times.

Our commercial mortgage product offerings range from straight forward commercial loans for both commercial real estate investors and owner occupiers, through to more highly leveraged structured commercial finance facilities as follows:

  • Commercial loans for purchase or refinance of all commercial real estate, industrial and retail assets
  • Commercial loans for owner-occupiers or investors for commercial property assets
  • Commercial loans on a Non-Recourse basis, where no directors guarantees are required and the only security offered is the commercial property
  • Commercial loans for specialised commercial real estate assets such as pubs, hotels, motels, caravan parks, petrol stations, child care facilities, retirement villages, etc
  • Structured commercial finance facilities where the LVR required exceeds current lending parameters and a structured commercial finance solution is required

Depending on what financial information the commercial real estate borrower can provide, a commercial mortgage solution may be achieved through either:

  • Full Doc: Commercial loan borrowers who can demonstrate serviceability with up to date detailed financial statements covering a minimum of the last two financial years
  • Lite Doc: Lite Doc Commercial Loans are for borrowers who just fall outside the Full Doc criteria and who can still clearly demonstrate serviceability through information such interim financials, rental income etc. If rental income alone services the loan this is sometimes reffered to as a lease doc.
  • Low Doc: Low Doc Commercial Loans are where the borrower can not demonstrate serviceability through traditional means however can obtain an accountants letter confirming that they can service the debt
  • No Doc / Asset Lend: Commercial Loan borrowers who cannot provide any income verification and also cannot obtain an accountants letter to confirm that they can service the debt. In effect the commercial loan is an asset lend against the commercial property