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Props - Push Pull Props

Supplier: Shisham Stanley Group

Shishams pioneered the Square Push Pull Props: Call them tilt panel braces, props, push pulls, or whatever you like.

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As long as you call us first... 

Since 1977, over 80,000 Shisham Push Pull Props have proven themselves in the field. During that time, panels and loads have grown as Architects and Builders continued to push the frontiers in Tilt Slab construction.  Along the way, we've continued with further innovation.

You'll find we've improved the design, expanded the range, and adapted our approach to meet every challenge faced.

Reassuringly, many things have stayed the same, simply because they were right in the first place, and they're still right today.

Things like our trademark reinforced 16mm steel foot are often copied, but never bettered.

And we're still square instead of round, because kilo for kilo, square is safer than round.

How do we know?

Shisham has the only purpose built prop testing rig capable of testing units up to 16 metres in length unto destruction.

For maximum quality control and efficiency, every Shisham prop is made in Australia, on-site at Shisham, by Shisham Staff.

All Shisham's components are continuously batch tested under a quality control program, and as an additional check, component testing is run by accredited NATA laboratories.

The end result?

With Shisham, you've got a product proven nationally and continuously for over many years. A prop with every conceivable accessory.

An original you can count on.

Why Square Push Pull Props?

To carry the same load, a square-shaped prop can be much smaller, lighter, and easier to use than a round-shaped one. They're also more stable and stackable.  

 Note WorkCoverAlert* concerning round shaped props:

"Caution should be exercised when using tube type props on their own without transverse bracing due to their inherent lack of stability and relatively low capacity."

*WorkCover Alert 5/98 Rev 1- September.