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Protect your business from noise pollution, loud disturbances

Supplier: dB Acoustics
14 October, 2009

Working life is difficult enough as it is without having to worry about excessive noise that can disturb your concentration.

This is why dB Acoustics specialises in protecting businesses from unnecessary outside sounds so that workers can concentrate in peace.

In the past, the company has provided panels that have lined many power stations to allow adequate noise protection to service personnel. They have also used these panels to construct power stations and generator enclosures.

Mark Balzan, the marketing/sales manager for dB Acoustics, says the company fabricates, designs and project manages the installations of acoustic noise reduction products mainly to the industrial sector.

“We also have the capability to design and construct generator facilities and power stations,” adds Balzan.

“The company is staffed by experienced engineers and draftspersons who are able to design and manufacture structures that are aesthetic and effectively attenuate and reduce noise.”

Balzan adds that the company can produce various noise products upon request and tis patented acoustic sandwich panel allows the company to build acoustic enclosures that can be easily erected by the customer.

“Our best products include acoustic interlocking panels; a robust acoustic panel that is filled with dense noise reducing material that is clad with galvanised sheet and is internally lined with a perforated sheet for durability and sound absorption. The protection of these panels is very important for OHS reasons and EPA regulations.”

The company also targets industrial fabricating companies, such as Amcor, CSR, Cummins, CAT and any company that has equipment that makes excessive noise.

“There are not many companies in Victoria that supply noise reducing products to the industrial sector,” says Balzan. “Our products are unique because they are interlockable and can be made in a number of different sizes.”