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Protect your electronics from the record heat

Supplier: Compressed Air Australia
23 January, 2013

As predicted by BOM late last year, Australia's record breaking heatwave has been fierce, with temperatures that have regularly gone above 40°C with highs close to 50°C.

This summer, the extreme conditions are more fierce than previous years due to the delayed onset of the Australian monsoon and the slow moving weather systems over the continent. For industrial plants, the dangerous heat can cause breakers to trip and circuit boards to fry resulting in processes that come to a screeching halt and machines that fail.

Some individuals think that fans are the solution. Unfortunately, a fan forces hot, humid, dirty air onto your expensive circuitry. Since the air is hot, it has little to no cooling effect. Worse yet, the open panel door is a safety violation since it presents a shock hazard to your workers. A fan could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and fines

You can avoid costly downtime and damage to your expensive circuitry. Compressed Air Australia offers EXAIR's Cabinet Coolers that dependably cool and purge your electrical enclosures. They convert an ordinary supply of compressed air into clean, cold -7°C (20°F) air. Cabinet Coolers are a permanent solution that mounts in minutes through an ordinary electrical knockout. There are no moving parts to wear out and no worries about water, oil and contaminants making it into the electrical enclosure. Models with thermostat control minimise compressed air use.

Do you need help keeping your electronics cool? Please contact Compressed Air Australia today.