Protecting Wood Carvings with Eracoat 2K Rapid Coating

Supplier: Era Polymers By: Era Polymers
11 July, 2018

Millicent artist, Ant Martin, transformed a dead tree trunk into an intricate and beautiful carving of Native Australian Animals Carving at The Helicopter Park, Glover Playground in North Adelaide.

Creating a point of interest revitalising a dead tree trunk that would otherwise have been removed and used for bark chips.

The carving depicts a Kangaroo attempting to climb a gumtree with the help of two koalas, the idea was to create something uniquely Australian that everyone could relate to. It doesn’t matter what your friends look like, anything is possible if you work together!

The carving has been in the park since May 2014 and was recently protected with Eracoat 2K Rapid; to increase its longevity for everyone to enjoy in the park.

Eracoat 2K Rapid is a solvent free, 100% solids, aliphatic (UV resistant) coating designed as an abrasion resistant topcoat for polyurea and polyurethane systems or as a stand-alone product over properly prepared substrates.

Eracoat 2K Rapid is available in 6 colours and has the following features:

- Mix ratio 1:1 (Volume)
- Solvent free – Zero VOC, no flammability issues, minimal environmental impact
- Aliphatic – excellent colour and gloss retention
- Fast Cure – High productivity
- Excellent ageing in outdoor exposures

If you would like to more about how Eracoat can protect your wood carving and sculptures please contact us to find out more.