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Protective Mailing Bags - Sealed Air

Supplier: WRS Orora

Sealed Air mailing products make up the most complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers in the industry and accommodate the widest possible range of applications.

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Advantages of Protective Mailing Bags

  • Save Time and Labor - Two-step packaging operation vs. six steps with cartons.
  • Reduce Packaging Material Costs - Eliminate the need for void fill material and tape.
  • Save Postage - Total shipping weight is reduced.
  • Improve Productivity - Especially important in periods of peak demand.
  • Save Inventory Space - More mailers can be stored per square metres.
  • Reduced Inventory - One size fits many items.
  • Greater Security - Self-seal closures produce a more tamper-evident seal

Products Available:

Jiffy® Padded
Rugged, all-purpose paper fibre mailers that provide outstanding cushioning and rigidity.

WRS Code Description Bag Size (Internal) Ctn Qty MOQ
9JP1 Jiffy® - Padded 150mm x 225mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9JP2 Jiffy® - Padded 215mm x 280mm 100 Bags 1 Ctn
9JP4 Jiffy® - Padded 240mm x 340mm 100 Bags 1 Ctn
9JP5 Jiffy® - Padded 265mm x 380mm 100 Bags 1 Ctn
9JP6 Jiffy® - Padded 300mm x 405mm 50 Bags 1 Ctn
9JP7 Jiffy® - Padded 360mm x 480mm 50 Bags 1 Ctn

Jiffy® Utility
Economical, all purpose kraft mailers for non-fragile items requiring tough, secure protection without cushioning.

WRS Code Description Bag Size (Internal) Ctn Qty MOQ
9U2 Jiffy® - Utility 215mm x 280mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9U4 Jiffy® - Utility 240mm x 340mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9U5 Jiffy® - Utility 265mm x 380mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9U6 Jiffy® - Utility 300mm x 405mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9U7 Jiffy® - Utility 360mm x 480mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn

Jiffy® Gussetted
Provides additional space for awkward shaped items. 

Jiffy® Shurtuff®
Tough, durable and economical plastic mailers for securely shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items. 

WRS Code Description Bag Size (Internal) Ctn Qty MOQ
9ST1 Shurtuff® 190mm x 260mm 500 Bags 1 Ctn
9ST2 Shurtuff® 250mm x 325mm 500 Bags 1 Ctn
9ST3 Shurtuff® 280mm x 380mm 500 Bags 1 Ctn
9ST4 Shurtuff® 340mm x 440mm 500 Bags 1 Ctn
9ST5 Shurtuff® 420mm x 450mm 500 Bags 1 Ctn
9ST6 Shurtuff® 600mm x 650mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn

Jiffy® Mail -Lite®
A premium all-plastic bubble-cushioned mailer that provides the ultimate security and cushioning performance.

WRS Code Description Bag Size (Internal) Ctn Qty MOQ
9JML1 Mail - Lite® 150mm x 220mm 300 Bags 1 Ctn
9JML3 Mail - Lite® 210mm x 270mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9JML5 Mail - Lite® 240mm x 340mm 150 Bags 1 Ctn
9JMLS Mail - Lite® 265mm x 380mm 100 Bags 1 Ctn
9JML6 Mail - Lite® 300mm x 405mm 100 Bags 1 Ctn
9JML7 Mail - Lite® 360mm x 480mm 75 Bags 1 Ctn

Jiffy® Rigi Mailer
Extra rigid mailers for superior corner and edge protection. 

WRS Code Description Bag Size (Internal) Ctn Qty MOQ
9JRM4 Jiffy® - Rigi 240mm x 330mm 200 Bags 1 Ctn
9JRM6 Jiffy® - Rigi 315mm x 380mm 100 Bags 1 Ctn


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