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protoTRAK Conversational Controls Demonstration Night

Supplier: Standaco Machinery Sales
08 October, 2009

From Manual, partial CNC or full CNC mode, ProtoTRAK has been designed to increase productivity.

In it’s basic form the Turret Mill can tackle most components, but add the innovative ProtoTRAK 2 or 3 axis CNC and you will see the production benefits ProtoTRAK technology has to offer, Designed to boost productivity the ProtoTRAK control is easy to use with simple prompts and no codes to learn, even with no CNC experience you will be up and running within a day.

ProtoTRAK® technology incorporates the unique “guess key” if a dimension is missing from the drawing simply ‘guess’ the approximate position of a point or intersection. Canned cycles include pockets of every shape conceivable, pockets with islands, thread milling, bolt hole patterns, drilling, tapping and boring. AGE profiling means no more calculations!

If you machine tooling, fixtures, prototypes, moulds or repairs, you are among the most highly skilled, and therefore expensive people in manufacturing today. The economics are undeniable: the cost of the equipment you use is trivial compared to the cost of labour. Set-up is where much of your time is spent. Therefore set-up accounts for the majority of your labour cost (not to mention the majority of your headaches). ProtoTRAK drastically reduces the amount of time spent in setup.  It combines the simplicity and flexibility of manual machining with the capability of making arcs, angles and circles just like CNCs, saving you time and liberating you from drudgery.

Demonstrations of any of our machines can be arranged and we will be showcasing our increased range of ProtoTRAK at our showroom at an”open evening” 25th November 2009. Contact us for further details and RSVP

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