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Prototyping Service | Stereolithograph (SLA)

Supplier: 3D Prototyping

SLA also known a Stereolithograph, provides the greatest accuracy with an excellent surface finish.

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Process works by curing liquid photopolymers when exposed to ultraviolet light. Prototyping Service | Stereolithograph (SLA) is limited in its range of applicable materials but is still widely used for conceptual designs, Product verification, Pattern making, Form/Fit analysis and light functional testing.

The Prototyping Service | Stereolithograph (SLA) process produces plastic parts directly from 3D CAD model, by solidifying the surface of a liquid photo polymer layer by layer with the help of a laser beam. When the laser beam hits the liquid, it solidifies the resin. When a layer is fully traced, the elevator is then lowered in the vat. The self-adhesive property of the material causes the layer to stick with each other and in this way a 3d part is formed in multi-layers.

Technical Specification

" Prototyping Service | Stereolithograph (SLA) process is highly accurate and is suitable for fine detailed parts

" Prototyping Service | Stereolithograph (SLA) process is excellent for light function testing and snap fitting of mating parts.

  • Material - TSR-821
  • Tensile strength (Mpa) - 49
  • Elongation (%) 13-15
  • Tensile Modulus (Mpa) 1,800
  • Flexural Strength (Mpa) 70
  • Flexural Modulus (Mpa) 2,225
  • Impact strength (notched) 48-49
  • Surface Hardness ( Shore D) 82-85
  • Appearance - Pale white