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Supplier: CAC Gas & Instrumentation
22 September, 2009

Why the 112 Litre vs the 58 Litre Cylinder?

  • Save over 25% on the cost per litre
  • Reduces purchasing frequency which lowers purchasing costs
  • Saves field technician time and energy as they carry less cylinders
  • Same size as the 58 litre
  • Compatible with all regulators
  • Available with all gas mixtures

Why Bump Test Your Gas Detector?

  • Applying gas is the only way to be sure that your sensors are working
  • Provide a quick check of your 4 GAS (H2S/CO/CH4/O2) instrument
  • Inexpensive solution for bump testing gas detectors
  • LESS THAN $1.50 per test can save your life
  • 34 litre cylinder size
  • Two Years shelf Life - Double the normal
  • Compatible with all regulators

Bump Test Station:

  • One button operation
  • Can be used with any instrument
  • Compatible with 34, 58, 103, 112 litre cylinders
  • Adjustable timer from 1 second to 60 seconds
  • Adjustable flow rate from 0.3-1.5Imp
  • 448 bump tests with 112 litre cylinder at 30 seconds
  • Diffusion or sample draw instruments

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