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PSI Drain Protector II

Supplier: Prenco Environmental Spill Control

The PSI Drain Cover Seal & Spill Blocker II is constructed of a solid tacky urethane product with no fillers that delivers a tough, durable seal using either side.

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  • Chemically resistant polyurethane – "best material for sticky sealing properties" The polyurethane Drain Cover Seal Protector II is compatible for use with a wider range of chemicals and substances than rubbers and plastics. It is often more suitable when coming into contact with certain solvents, oils and chemicals. Plus, it’s environmentally safe
  • Light Weight and Easy-to-Use - The Drain Cover Seal Protector II is made of solid tough tacky polyurethane which helps the cover to partially "stick" to the surface. It requires no reinforced fillers making it light weight and easy to handle
  • Reusable, After using, simply wash the Drain Cover Seal Protector II, replace the plastic film, roll it on the tube and return the tube to the wall container. The Drain Cover Protector II is tough enough to stand up to repeated use
  • Heavy duty 5 mm thickness
  • Seals over uneven surfaces
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Comes with storage/carry bag

Product application:

An essential item for any yard, loading area, chemical storage facility, refuelling bay.

Simply remove from carry bag, peel off protective plastic film and place firmly over drain. Allow 100mm (min) around the drain for sealing purpose when sizing the Drain Seal Mat.

Due to its lighter weight, it can be used quickly for emergency chemical spills.

It is supplied with a wall mounted bag/container with signage for quick identification and access

The PSI Drain Seal Mat is available in 45cm x 45cm, 60cm x 60cm, 90cm x 90cm, 1.2cm x 1.2cm sizes to meet a wide variety of job site requirements.

For best results, order your drain cover 10 - 15cm larger than the drain you are going to cover.