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The ideal door entry system

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PSTN Intercoms

2Entry Helios -The Ideal Door Entry System

Why 2Entry Helios Door Entry System?

The 2EntryHelios Door Entry System allows you to speak with visitors standing at your company entrance and open the door for them from your desk using a standard phone.

What is 2Entry Helios Door Entry System?

The 2Entry Helios Door Entry System is a flexible modular system, which facilitates the creation of customized solutions.

You can design and build home intercoms of various sizes and containing various controlling items to exactly suit your needs.

One-touch illuminated buttons for simple and fast calling can be complemented with a numerical keypad for door opening and dialling of selected numbers.

How does 2Entry Helios Door Entry System work?

Thanks to the integrated switch, you can open the door while talking with the visitor over the phone by simply pressing the right combination of keys on your phone.

Since the code is detected directly in the 2Entry Door Entry System, it is impossible to open the door accidentally.

2Entry Helios Door Entry System target users are executive home owners and small, medium and large companies who want security for their property.

2ENTRY Helios Door Entry System and its unique design

The unique design of the 2Entry Helios Door Entry System will nicely decorate your entrance and the top class technology gives you the opportunity not only to know who is waiting in front of your house even while you are on holiday but also to control access.

Use of the 2Entry Helios Door Entry System at your office does not require any special installation or wiring. It is simply connected to the traditional phone system or to an IP based network.

The 2Entry Helios Door Entry System is also the first multi-functional, multi-user GSM cellular door phone to meet the criteria the security industry has been asking for!

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