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Purchase Order System | Video Ordering System (VOS)

Supplier: ProTouch Software

This new program is called VidMan and it takes orders from the Registers and displays them on appropriately placed screens, located in a manufacturing area like the kitchen.

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    • Each screen can have multiple panels to display orders waiting to be processed.
    • VidMan can have multiple screens chained together in a number of ways to suite your manufacturing process.
    • VidMan can control what items or components are displayed at each manufacturing step or screen.
    • Utilising touch screens to interact with the chef, VidMan has many simple functions, trigger timers, order expansion, order priorities, advanced menu choices cut / paste and order finished options.
    • Orders or components can be sorted and have colour applied to each line item for easy recognition.
    • VidMan Interacts with the register, letting servers at the register know which step the order is currently at Cooking, Packing etc. also allowing servers to change the priority of the order (High /Low).
    • The servers bump the order, which tells the system that the client has uplifted the order.
    • VidMan interfaces in to ProTouch Caller ID and if an order is pre ordered for a set time, VidMan will work out the average time and place the caller ID order into the que so the order is ready at the requested time.