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Supplier: Capital Office Business Software

Record Keeping - Stores details of purchase orders placed with suppliers. Allows you to check prices, descriptions, delivery dates, and quantities received.

Price Guide: POA

Easy Amendments - Orders can be altered at any time, even if deliveries have taken place. Orders can be marked as delivered or cancelled at any time. Delivery and cancellation status can also be reversed.

Integrated - Stock control tracks order date, expected delivery date, latest pricing and purchase history. Delivered purchases update supplier accounting and expense tracking systems.

Confirmations - Send confirmations to suppliers quoting all conditions of purchase and tax requirements. Fax or e-mail directly from CAPITAL when used in conjunction with CAPITAL Fax & E-Mail software.

GST - Purchase orders can calculate GST with ex tax or inclusive of GST priced items.

Foreign Currency - Enter Australian dollars or foreign currency amounts.

Micellaneous Charges - Freight, insurance and other ancillary costs can be included on orders.

Deliver from Multiple Orders - A single delivery can mark off deliveried items from multiple purchase orders using the stock receipting system.

Quick Receipting - Items can be delivered through a stock receipt without the need to raise a purchase order first.

Stock Returns - Dedicated transaction system for managing and tracking stock returned to suppliers.

Partial Orders - Receive partial orders and maintain residual on file for later completion.

Multiple Costing Methods - Stock can be costed based on average (with or without other costs such as freight), last or fixed cost by stock group. I.e., small, high volume stock items can be average costed, while expensive one-off items can be costed based on last cost. Purchase orders can be set-up to display last cost, while the invoicing system will work with average cost.

Tracks Multiple Costs - Simultaneously Track last, average and fixed costs at the same time for financial accounting and management/cost accounting purposes.

Order Assistant - During stock item entry a pop-up window will display the quantity in stock, quantity reserved, back-ordered stock needed immediately, total back orders and previously ordered quantities yet to be delivered, for cross-checking.

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