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Q&A: A unique process offered by Materials Handling

Supplier: Materials Handling
04 February, 2010

Materials Handling P/L offers its clients unique solutions to their materials handling problems.

Here, Materials Handling P/L staff answer questions on how they handle a wide range of problems for their clients.

  1. What unique process does your company offer?
    Thanks to our wide range of standard modules and components we can solve virtually any lifting problem or handling problem you have without the need to a complete design project.

    Our products are usually used in Manual or semi-manual applications, but there is also have the opportunity to build a fully automated process. The only limitation is the load, as our systems can only handle loads up to 1000kg.

  2. How does this process differentiate you from other companies?
    When you partner Materials Handling P/L for a solutions you will get all products and components needed from only one supplier, which means one stop shopping! That is what makes us unique in relation to our competitors.

  3. What led your company to develop this process?
    The background is that when Materials Handling P/L was founded, we focused very hard on custom industrial applications. The demands on us to solve multiple tasks – anything from fully equipped assembly lines, to manual handling stations – resulted in a wide range of products, that is more than well-suited for almost all types of industry.

  4. How did you go about developing this process?
    Since we had our large portfolio of products, we started to develop industry specific solutions. One of the facilitators of these solutions is the modular designed Mechbelt. The Mechbelt is a very versatile Pick 'n' Place linear unit. It provides X-Y, and also Z travel, together with a manipulator, and is designed to perform as fully automated.  

  5. How you have you applied this process successfully?
    The Mechbelt is popular in industries where there is a need to handle sheet material. Most of our customers for this product are within the wood sector. This application is, compared to other solutions, cost effective, since you have the possibility to get a tailor-made solution just by using standard components.

  6. Where else has this process been applied?
    The Mechbelt has been used through the years in many different types of industry.

    A large pharmaceutical company use this equipment as a pick and place application in their packaging process. It was first installed some ten years ago, and they have moved the equipment with them when they moved the production site from one factory to another.

    Two x-y-z-applications have lately been delivered to lift and move steel plates.

    One company uses it to fold carton boxes in their production.

  7. What sort of customers could benefit from this type of process?
    All industries where lifting is involved can benefit from using our solutions. With our products the customer will not only make the production more efficient, considering both time and money, it will also decrease accidents and strain injuries to a minimum.