Qantas catering lifts with low height scissor lift tables

Supplier: Safetech
28 November, 2011

Qantas had an issue rolling food trolleys across a floor that had 2 levels: the weight and bulk of the trolleys required a lift mechanism with significant capacity but there was no possibilty of recessing a scissor lift in the floor.

The Solution

The Safetech LoLift is a scissor lift with less than 40mm of collapsed height. Trolleys or hand pallet trucks can be easily rolled onto the platform, then raised to the required height and rolled off.

Qantas purchased several LoLift scissor lifts that were positioned at the point where the 2 levels met. The trolleys could then be lifted and moved onto the higher level or lowererd back to the lower level.


  • No pit required
  • Ergonomic lifting risk eliminated
  • Efficiency maintained with the ease and speed of transition
  • Durable construction withstands the wear and tear of heavy food trolleys.

Product features

  • 1,000 kilogram capacity
  • 40-mm height platform
  • Reach over only 9.5cm's allowing easy operator access to load from sides
  • Wall mount control standard. Option of pendant or foot controls.
  • Durable construction
  • Safety bars or skirts to protect operator.
  • Photo eye protection across entrance
  • Roll through capability. Ideal for disabled access. Wheeled entry from one side and exit at the opposite side.
  • Smartlift - a control and safety system unique to Safetech. Smartlift provides an electronic diagnostic system with automatic down indexing and enhanced safety features