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Qld govt 'must acknowledge' importance of manufacturing

02 August, 2013

The downturn in mining has seen manufacturing companies in regional Queensland 'close their doors', causing job losses in communities – and the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) is calling on state and federal governments to intervene.

AMWU assistant state secretary Terry Bradley said local workers are hurting in regional Queensland after companies have suffered at the decline of the mining boom.

"Manufacturing companies in regional Queensland have made redundancies or gone into liquidation and it's the workers who are paying for it," Bradley said.
"The government must recognise the importance of maintaining the manufacturing industry in central Queensland and step in to protect it from being taken offshore.

"It is vital manufacturing in Queensland is strong and state and federal governments must acknowledge this.

"Manufacturing was snubbed by the Newman government's four pillars which included tourism, agriculture, construction and resources.

"It is time the government stood up and saw that manufacturing is the backbone of regional Queensland communities, economy and employment rate.

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Deejay | Friday, August 2, 2013, 11:55 AM
Not Often Mr Bradley would I agree with a Union Secretary, but I believe you have some points in your comments. I would also go a little further and say your mates on the hill, both the ex PM and the current one should be held accountable for totally stuffing the whole Australian Economy. I Hear a lot of people bemoaning the fact that they voted the Howard team out. Roll on election and come on Abbott. even he has to be better than the clown that wasn't going to challenge the PMship again.
dave d | Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 4:39 PM
Unfortunately Deejay it is the very people that are complaining (the unions) that keep supporting this bunch of rabble we currently have in Government. They shoot there mouths off at the decline in manufacturing but none of them have the guts to do anything about it by saying to Ju-Liar or Rudd - "enough is enough" - "do something about it or we will withdraw our support for selected candidates" But no -just like lambs to the slaughter -all they can do is bleet about it -pathetic -never mind the families of their members - keep a pollie in free lunches -credit cards,government travel ,government cars and all the other perks - like I say pathetic - they almost deserve to get taken for a ride if it wasn't for the fact that it affects the people that want to work for their families to have a future.
Tony | Friday, August 9, 2013, 12:05 PM
The unions have driven for unsustainable higher wages, forcing companies to be uncompetitive and forcing closure, wake up to the socialists on the hill, they are not going to help, whilst they all have their snouts in the trough!