Quality assurance is our vision

Supplier: SICK Sensor Intelligence
16 April, 2018

At drinktec 2017, SICK will present itself as a premier supplier of sensors and technological solutions for the consumer goods industry.

The products, systems and services that it puts on display will include compact, easily integrated devices, configurable stand-alone solutions and programmable high-speed cameras. As well as individual components, the sensor manufacturer offers a comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions to meet individual customers' requirements.

SICK will focus in particular on quality assurance at drinktec. The fast throughput speeds and short cycle times of production lines and machines in the consumer goods industry allow for high productivity. However, this can only be achieved when a comprehensive quality control system is in place. SICK will present new solutions consisting of its own modules and functions from image processing libraries that offer intelligent support for the consumer goods industry in areas such as quality assurance, traceability, object data acquisition and preventive maintenance.

A 3D inspection system is an ideal solution in this area. It can reliably identify faulty product features, incomplete packaging units and inadequate labelling. The data and measurements produced by the vision sensors and their integration into real-time fieldbus environments enable them to provide valuable information that can be used in today's manufacturing plants and the smart factories of the future. The vision sensors have the necessary intelligent detection, measurement, assessment and communication functions to allow for future-proof process and quality controls in the context of Industry 4.0.