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Quality Assurance Statement

Supplier: Ausweld
14 November, 2011

Harris brazing alloys are the cleanest and brightest available.

Free of oxide and surface impurities, the immaculacy of Harris alloys runs all the way through the rod. Purity makes a huge difference in the integrity of a brazed joint. Leaks are caused by oxide and foreign matter (contamination) that enter the joint in the molten metal and impede brazing alloy flow. Where there is contamination, the alloy flows around it, leaving pinholes in the joint. These pinholes are tiny doors, which allow gas/liquid to leak out, requiring the joint to be rebrazed. This problem won’t be encountered with Harris alloys. There isn’t a more dependable brazing alloy than Harris.
Harris produces the highest quality phosphorous/copper/silver brazing rod in the world. The proprietary production technology Harris developed to manufacture these alloys is still unique today. The alloys’ phosphorous/silver content is controlled to a tolerance five times higher than industry requires. Such tight control means absolute consistency in application and performance with every rod, every batch.
Buy direct from the manufacturer and take advantage of all these benefits.