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Quality European Pallet Wrappers

Supplier: Australis Engineering

Australis Engineering is the proud supplier of Ear-Flap pallet wrapping machines, one of the leading European suppliers of packing and packaging machinery with a large model range.

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In recent years EAR-FLAP has undertaken substantial R&D on the components that comprise their stretch wrapping machines, to the point where they have become a benchmark in this sector. As industry and packaging requirements evolve, so must machines such as stretch wrappers to fit the most recent film specifications and requirements for protecting of palletized loads. Hence, the side placed film carriage has become one of the main features of the EAR- FLAP wrappers.

EAR-FLAP offer a wide range of pallet wrappers:

  • Portable/ Mobile wrappers
  • Semi-automatic mast style wrappers
  • Semi-Automatic arm style wrappers
  • Automatic mast style wrappers
  • Automatic arm style wrappers
  • Automatic ring wrappers

Read more about the full range of EAR-FLAP Pallet Wrappers below.

Benefits of an EAR-FLAP stretch wrapper:

  • LOAD WEIGHT: available with several types of bases to withstand a wide range of load weights (2000 kg, 3000 kg etc)
  • LOAD HEIGHT: available with customized masts for loads exceeding standard dimensions (3000 mm, 4000 mm etc)
  • SIDE PLACED CARRIAGE: available with different systems of film braking (direct, mechanical, electromagnetic and pre-stretch)
  • CONTROL PANEL: featuring a LCD screen and a user-friendly menu for machine operation and configuration. Including warnings and alarms
  • SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: different finishes with protection for specific conditions (stainless steel, ATEX, below 0ºC, etc)

The automatic vertical stretch film wrappers for palletized loads embrace outputs from 10 loads/hr up to 120 loads/hr and are designed to fit both in existing lines or in new ones.

Other features:

  • CUSTOM COLOURS: the wrapper displays the colour that the customer chooses for their line to unify its outlook
  • LOADS TYPES AND DIMENSIONS: wrappers adapt to the loads' features and use customised conveyors (rollers or chains) and other add-ons depending on your requirements
  • INTERCONNECTIONS: electric cabinets allow for an easy interphasing with other line components by line, net, etc.

EAR-FLAP offer a range of 9 different stretch wrapping machines, in both semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations.

Three of the most widely used machines are shown below, or you can contact us for more information on the full range of stretch wrappers available from EarFlap.

TRM - 200 stretch wrapper

The basic structure consists of a base with a turntable and an EAR-FLAP® profile mast. The base has front and rear slots to allow a forklift truck to move the machine safely and easily within the workspace.

The mast is hinged to enable easy transport. It houses the electrical cabinet and the film carriage set.

With a well planned aesthetic and with no external wiring or limit switches, with clear identification labels that help for very easy machine set up and use.

Technical features

  • EAR-FLAP® profile
  • Hinged mast
  • 2400 mm max. wrapping height
  • Powered film carriage with variable speed, placed sidewise
  • Adjustable mechanical film brake with foot trapping detector
  • Automatic load height detection by photocell
  • 2000 kg max. load weight
  • 1200 x 1,100 mm max load dimensions
  • 1650 mm diameter turntable, 10 mm thick plate
  • Soft start/stop by frequency inverter with return to start position
  • 4 wrapping programs: Single, Cross wrap, Cross-plus, Full
  • Wrapping cycles counter
  • Independently adjustable top & bottom reinforcement wraps
  • PLC controlled, with bespoke display control panel
  • Reinforcement wraps at any point in the cycle
  • Ergonomically designed control panel
  • Single phase, 220V, power supply
  • Variable output, depending on load features and operator ability

TRM500 - fully automatic stretch wrapper

The basic structure consists of a rotating turntable, which may be fitted with a flat disk (TRM 500) or a powered roller conveyor (TRM 500L), and a mast within which the complete electric cabinet is lodged and also supports the film holding carriage.

The mast is hinged for convenient transportation and the machine base features two cavities for easy pick-up by forklift tynes.

Model TRM 500, when not integrated in line, features a remote control for the forklift driver to start the unit from its seat. Other activation/stopping systems, such as buttons, pullers, etc. can be fitted.

Thanks to its versatility the machine may wrap almost any type of load, regardless of load characteristics.

Technical features

  • EAR-FLAP ® profile
  • 2400 mm max. wrapping height
  • 1200 x 1.100 mm max load dimensions (L x W)
  • 1000 kg max. load weight
  • Turntable soft start/stop, variable speed and return to start position
  • Pneumatic clamp to hold film at cycle start
  • Automatic film cutting arm
  • 3-phase + N, 220/380 V, power supply
  • 1,5 kW installed power
  • Variable output, depending on load features and wrapping cycle (around 20 loads/hr)
  • Powered film holder carriage
  • Control panel adjustable electromagnetic brake for film
  • Independently adjustable top/bottom reinforcing wraps
  • Load height detection by photocell
  • Cross wrapping cycle: carriage goes up and down while wrapping
  • Single wrapping cycle: carriage ascends while turntable rotates slowly. Upon hitting the top, turntable rotates at the selected speed and the carriage goes down thus achieving a good load unitization and film savings
  • Waterproof cycle: a cross wrapping cycle that allows laying a film sheet on top of the load. It requires the fitting of an automatic TDM 1800 top sheet dispenser that lays the film on the load
  • Acoustic and optical warnings for operation and troubles
  • LCD touch screen with 10 customized programs
  • Siemens PLC
  • Comes ready to connect to other equipment

ARM4500 Fully Automatic Rotating Ring Wrapper

The basic structure of this machine is a system where the load is steady and a rotating ring that moves up and down while turning around carries out the wrapping process. This machine is specially recommended when the load is very unstable, very heavy or when high outputs are required.

The frame consists of 4 large telescopic columns that hold the complete structure. The ring turns by means of a belt and is supported by heavy duty bearings. Speed variations during the rotation are controlled by means of a digital inverter.

The loads are conveyed to the wrapping area; the ring positions itself and starts to rotate until it reaches the maximum programmed speed. In the meantime, the complete ring assembly with the film carriage starts its up and down motion in a progressive way, wrapping the load with the preprogrammed settings, including the reinforcing laps. Once done, the ring stops in the end position, the cutting unit cuts the film which is stuck to the load by the specific system, the ring moves up and the load is conveyed off, leaving the machine ready for a new cycle.

The ARM4500 is the most complete and versatile wrapping machine of its kind; it may be used to wrap almost any kind of load, no matter its features.

Technical features

  • Max load wrapping height: 2000 mm.
  • Pallet dimensions: 1200 x 1200 mm.
  • No weight limits
  • Rotating ring with soft start and stop and variable speed.
  • Variable ring ascent and descent speeds, for film overlap adjustment.
  • Pneumatic clamp for holding film at cycle start.
  • Automatic film cutting system that eliminates film tail.
  • Electric power: 220/380 V, III+N.
  • Installed power: 7 kW.
  • Variable output depending on load features and wrapping cycle (max 100 loads/hr).
  • Film carriage assembly fastened to rotating ring.
  • Powered film pre-stretch.
  • Independent reinforcing wraps on top and bottom.
  • Load height detection by photocell.
  • Wide range of pre-programmable wrapping cycles.
  • Optical and acoustical warnings for operation and anomalies.
  • Ready for interfacing with other machines or systems.
  • LCD control display
  • Siemens S7-300 PLC control

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