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Quality KVM technologies important to corporate clients: expert

Supplier: KVM Australia By: Arthur Chan
20 February, 2012

From broadcast studios to security switch rooms, the importance of quality switches and extension is essential to maintain video quality and ease of use.

Kurk Brandstater, Managing Director of KVM Australia says that switching and extension both fall under Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) technologies, and they go hand in hand in many environments.

"KVM switching technology, can be used in control rooms, such as security or air traffic control, to enable operators to switch between multiple monitors...essentially anywhere that the customer wants or needs to be able to operate multiple servers/computers from a single console," Brandstater said.

"On the other hand, extension technologies can be used anywhere you want to physically locate the monitor - or keyboard or mouse - away from the location of the computer or server. For example, a broadcast studio may want to locate the computers for post-production in a server room but operate them from a soundproof studio that is free of any extraneous noise."

As a provider for both switching and extension technologies, KVM Australia has had significant experience in KVM equipment. Experience has taught Brandstater that quality and longevity in technologies is critical for his clients.

"Our clients are wide -anging, from banking security control rooms to broadcast stations, these people can't afford to have any mishaps with their equipment, hence quality is essential," Brandstater said.

Paying more for such KVM technologies also means that you get more functions and increased reliability. For example, generic switches may only service one to two computer monitors - and they do the job well. However, they will not suffice for corporate environments that may need switching between sixteen monitors. High end switches can cater for up to 64 monitors without compromising quality.

"Such switches are used in large server rooms and can handle the video bandwidth required. They have a better quality and have less chance of the computers hanging up," Brandstater said.

For extension technologies, quality means that there can be greater distances between the monitor and computer or server. This extra distance means the equipment can be located in separate rooms.   Quality also extends to better service, says Brandstater.

"For example, with high quality extension technologies, you get increased reliability. This means that mobile phones won't interfere with the digital signals between computer and monitor, so you still retain video quality," he said.

And video quality is essential for many corporate clients. If a factory had a security room that needed to monitor its equipment and assets, video quality is imperative for this. High end KVM technologies facilitate this.

As a niche importer and distributor of KVM technologies for over a decade, KVM Australia has become a market leader in the field. Brandstater says that there are still buyers who don't consider the long term costs involved with purchasing cheaper and low end technologies.

"As with most equipment, you get what you pay for," Brandstater said.

"But ultimately, people will have their various criteria when they look at different switching and or extension technologies."