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Quanti Lift™ Height Variable System (HVS)

Supplier: Innovative Agricultural Marketing

The Quanti lift™ Height Variable System is a new product from Gladstone Concepts.

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Like the original Quantum Lift™, the Quanti lift™ HVS provides a safe and easy way to move heavy loads.

  • Lowers to ground level so heavy or difficult loads can be easily moved on or off
  • Raises up to any desired height to a maximum of one metre i.e. loading dock height
  • Can easily include a tipping action tailored to suit
  • Needs little training to operate
  • Cost effective

By using a unique design of leveraged linkages and off the shelf parts, we have a unit which is deceptively simple, but very versatile and robust. It is a patented system.

This machine is simple, safe, adaptable and versatile: suited to many applications and industries:

  • Building and Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining and Heavy industry
  • Bloodstock or Racing Bike/Car transport
  • Hire and DIY
  • Recreational Camping Trailers for the disabled/elderly

In the past there have been a number of differing attempts to provide a lifting platform like this, many have either been prohibitively expensive, too heavy, or too narrow in their application. We have solved these issues with this design:

  • The lift is performed by off the shelf hydraulics, or may even use electric screw jacks or any similar devices. The full height is achieved by two 300mm (12 inch) rams
  • The oil pressure required to lift up to three tonne can be delivered by a hand pump in the case of the hydraulic system
  • The linkage design allows for trailers sized from single axle '6x4' type up to ten tonne* capacity if required (*would require suitable hydraulic system)
  • In a typical '9x5' tandem it weighs about 800kg unladen, with matched brakes and wheels to allow a gross of 3.2 tonne

In workplaces where down time and injury cost money, a system which eliminates this is vital. Gone are the days of workers sacrificing their health in the name of 'the job'. The Quanti lift™ Height Variable System answers this need fairly and squarely.