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Quantima - Oil-free Centrifugal Compressor

Supplier: CompAir Australasia Limited

Quantima - no gearbox, no, oil, no contact and no wear. Quantima provides unmatched efficiency and the lowest environmental impact, providing energy savings of up to 25 per cent, drastically reducing overall running costs.

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CompAir has rewritten the rules of compressed air generation by launching Quantima, a unique and dynamic oil-free compressor technology.

Having only one moving part spinning in a magnetic field, Quantima’s revolutionary Q-drive compression assembly forms the heart of the new compressor design. Its unique rotor and direct-driven compression elements are levitated by active electromagnetic bearings to allow them to reach speeds of up to 60,000 rpm.

Quantima delivers a compressor range that has the lowest off-load power consumption of any compressor on the market at just 2.5 per cent of full load power, equating to only 7Kw for a typical 300kW unit, helping operators to limit energy use when the process does not require compressed air.

In comparison, conventional technologies can consume vast amounts of electricity while the compressor is idling in off-load mode, significantly increasing the unit’s running costs.

With no contact losses and no performance degradation over the lifetime of the unit, this high energy efficiency means that customers replacing an existing compressor with a new Quantima unit can make energy savings of up to 25 per cent, reducing overall running costs dramatically. In addition, a user’s environmental credentials are improved significantly with the potential to cut annual C02 emissions by the same amount as taking 75 family cars off the road or planting 16,000 trees.

One of Australia’s biggest milk processors, the Murray Goulburn Co-operative, installed the Quantima system and in just five months, reduced energy and maintenance costs by $147,000 and cut carbon emissions by 1900 tonnes. These savings are expected to double in a full year.

Quantima is special for what it doesn’t have. In contrast to conventional compressors, Q-drive is fundamentally different and has no gearbox, no, oil, no contact and no wear. This simple construction means that there is no performance degradation over the life of the compressor, unlike other standard technologies where degradation of coatings and friction between multiple moving parts can compromise efficiency and lead to a reduction in airflow.

All Quantima compressors include a variable speed drive as standard to minimise off-load running and to ensure highly efficient operation at all times. The variable-speed drive matches air output automatically to plant requirements, meaning that precisely the right amount of air is being produced at any one time.

Quantima incorporates an innovative touch screen control panel, offering intuitive, menu-guided operation that requires minimal user training. Operators can see, at a glance how the compressor is performing, with key parameters logged and trended to provide easy access to information. In addition, each unit includes the CompAir Q-life service offering, a remote monitoring system that tracks the unit’s performance to predict when components require servicing to ensure optimal performance.