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Quarry Industry – Rock Solid Solutions for Belt Drive Applications

Supplier: Gates Australia

When aggregate crusher and shaker screen equipment breaks down and halts your operations, the downtime can cost you thousands of dollars in lost tonnage production per hour.

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One way to prevent downtime is the use of high quality Gates belts on your processing equipment drive systems. Belt failures occur due to six common problems: improper tension, misalignment, improper handling, hardware, environmental factors, and drive design.

As a company, Gates prides itself on providing solutions to challenging applications to ensure the plant is operating at its most efficient, resulting in extended service life and reduction on maintenance costs, whilst eliminating costly downtime due to failed belts or frequent belt changeovers.

Gates belts for quarry equipment drive applications:

Predator® belts – Best belts available for crusher equipment

Gates Predator® belt drives have proved themselves in the toughest, dirtiest and most aggressive applications and environments.

Predator® V-belts can handle 1.4 - 2.2 times more horsepower than the equivalent size standard V-belt. So you can design a more compact drive that weighs less, puts less strain on costlier components, and uses fewer belts. All of which saves you money.

Super HC® V-Belt – shaker screens, pump drive, secondary crushers

Designed for heavy industry and the harsh demands of the mining market, Super HC® is Gates most popular V-belt construction.

Super HC® offers the firmness and the strength of a belt of a wrapped construction, but also the efficiency of a narrow section V-belt. It allows for more compact drive design than a belt of classical cross-section and transmits more power in a given space.

Hi-Power® II V-Belt – Older crusher equipment, general low capacity drives

The wrapped classical Hi-Power® II V-belt has a big reputation for reliability on agricultural and industrial applications.

The arched top of the Hi-Power® II belt provides superior strength to prevent "dishing" and distortion of the tensile section. The cords are properly aligned, each of them carrying its full share of the load.

Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Synchronous Belt – Shaker screens, conveyors, roller chain replacement

Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™, Gates most powerful synchronous belt, has been designed for optimum performance on high torque, low speed drives in any industrial application. This lightweight belt features increased power ratings of up to 30% higher than previous constructions, while maintaining the same long service life.

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