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Quest Technologies – QUESTemp˚32 Portable Monitor

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Quest Technologies QUESTemp˚32 Portable Monitor. A rugged and reliable heat stress monitor to provide you with maximum value.

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QUESTemp Series Monitors are designed to provide you with maximum value. In all QUESTemp Thermal Environment Monitors, a dry bulb sensor measures ambient temperature; a wet bulb sensor takes into account evaporative cooling, giving an indication of the effects of humidity on an individual; and a globe sensor provides an indication of the radiant heat exposure on an individual due to either direct light or hot objects in an environment.

QUESTemp Thermal Environment Monitors convert these measurements to a simplified, singlenumber Indoor and Outdoor WBGT Index. The QUESTemp 32 provides you with a rugged, easy to use device to quickly and accurately assess the potential for individuals to experience heat stress. The QUESTemp 32 adds real-time RH readings, plus Heat Index and Humidex computations. Heat Index is recognized throughout the U.S. and is reported by the National Weather Service.

Humidex is a similar index recognized and reported throughout Canada. The conveniently detachable sensor bar can be tethered up to 200 ft. (60 m) away from the main unit and an integral tripod adapter makes for quick connection to commercially available tripods.

• Integral RH sensor
• Meteorological conditions with heat index
• Meets ISO requirements
• Real-time readings for wet/dry bulb, globe, WBGT indoor/outdoor, relative humidity and heat index
• Optional remote sensors for up to (3) simultaneously monitored areas
• Aluminum casing
• Intrinsically safe
• CE Marked
• Temperature range: -5 to 100C
• Relative humidity: 0-100%