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Questions and answers: upgrade price changes

Supplier: Autodesk Australia
12 December, 2012

What are the Autodesk Upgrade changes planned?

Autodesk will simplify its upgrade pricing model on February 1, 2013. Currently, Autodesk offers different upgrade pricing, depending on which previous release of the product you are using and looking to upgrade from.

These upgrade options will be consolidated into a single "Upgrade from Previous Releases", and will only be available to customers for certain releases of a product immediately prior to the current release.

This new Upgrade model will be priced at approximately 70 percent (70%) of the full license SRP* of the then-current release of the product, no matter which previous release you are using today. Autodesk Subscription will continue to be available for any upgrade purchase as it is today.

Until further notice Autodesk will continue to offer the upgrade from current release to another product to allow you to move to another product better suited to your needs.

Which customers are affected by Upgrade changes?

The Upgrade pricing change affects all customers, both direct customers and in-direct customers who buy through Autodesk channel partners. This means the Upgrade change will impact customers who are not covered by Autodesk Subscription.

Does the Upgrade change affect Autodesk Subscription customers?

No, this pricing change does not affect software licenses under a valid Autodesk Subscription. If your products are under a valid Autodesk Subscription you will continue to receive the benefits of Subscription.

Why is Autodesk making this change?

We are streamlining our upgrade pricing in part to better match the needs and buying behaviours of our customers. A significant number of our customers have already moved to Autodesk Subscription, and only a small percentage of those who do not have Autodesk Subscription purchase upgrades on an annual basis.

For many customers, Autodesk Subscription may continue to be the most convenient and cost-effective way for customers to keep their software up-to-date. Additionally, the expansion of the Autodesk Subscription offering, which includes a broader range of cloud computing capabilities, will provide the opportunity to reinforce the added benefits of customers becoming a subscriber.

Why should you get on Subscription?

We believe that Subscription is the most efficient and cost-effective way for our customers to maintain their software investment. For a yearly predictable cost, not only does Autodesk Subscription give you access immediately and systematically to the latest software releases to keep you up to date but also offers flexible licensing options and helps you solve technical issues online. It is also an entry point to several cloud benefits so that you work anytime and optimize designs with the virtually infinite cloud computing power of Autodesk® 360.

When will Upgrade changes take effect?

The Upgrade changes will take effect on February 1, 2013.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about the new Upgrade changes?

Please contact your Autodesk reseller if you have questions or need more information or if you would like to get a presentation of the latest Autodesk solutions and their benefit for your business.