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Quickbund portable bund solutions from Spill Station

Supplier: Spill Station Australia
01 November, 2012

Spill Station's Quickbund Spill Containment Devices are Australian made and provide an easy to use, genuine solution to your portable bunding requirements.

Used by Defence for over a decade, the Quickbund Portable Bunds have a wide variety of applications including remote pump and generator bunding, mining, in the field drum bunds, safe liquid decanting areas, temporary bunding for everything from transformers to heavy vehicles and fuel storage bunds.
Chemically resistant Quickbund Portable Bund

The Spill Station's Quickbund Spill Containment Devices are made from X-R5, which provides excellent broadband chemical resistance.

Other features include:

  •  High frequency welded seams to prevent leaking and delamination
  • Carbon fibre struts for lightweight strength

No assembly required, simply position and unfold

The Quickbund Portable Bunds require no assembly and also feature a fold-down wall provides easy hand trolley, pallet jack and vehicle access. Spill Station's Portable Bunds are available in 10 standard sizes ranging between 1000 to 24,700 litre capacities. The durable construction makes these the ideal solution to prevent spilt liquid substances from spreading.

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