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QuietCool can make a big difference to your business needs and desires

Supplier: Quietaire Australia
20 May, 2008

QuietCool operates like a large floor-fan and costs about the same to operate but QuietCool is cooler.

By adding water with large 6” thick saturated cooling pads – you can drop the temperature up to 26°F cooler, or more, cooling down your hot workers.

QuietCool is also engineered efficiently to operate on pennies per day using regular utility tap water and electricity.

Other advantages include:

- QuietCool uses fan motors and water pumps that were engineered to pull less Amps, saving you daily operational costs.
- QuietCool is tested in three ways: 1. For maximum air flow at operating static pressure – you can get maximum air flow in your facility because it was engineered, then tested to ensure it. QuietCool is tested in operating conditions with: 2. Water in the unit – and 3. Operating with electricity – before it is shipped to you.
- QuietCool uses industrial duty water hoses and connections. All electrical parts are UL rated. Units are ETL approved (when rear guard is added). Plus, QuietCool electrical is then sealed from water.
- QuietCool uses high quality materials and non-corrosive metal to build a strong frame with stainless steel nuts and bolts – the nuts have nylon inserts to hold the polyethylene housing firmly to the units frame. This makes a solid, long lasting unit.
- The company adds a thick gauge aluminum bar at the top of the unit to give it added strength.
- It has also added a thick gauge galvanized steel bar at the bottom of the unit to help hold 17.5 gallons of water (17.5 gallons x 8.5 lbs per gallon).

You will want added strength to hold up 148 lbs of water pulling on the bottom of the unit. This thick galvanized steel bar gives the QuietCool unit more strength – it keeps it from sagging, cracking and ultimately leaking.  

Quietaire’s Executive Report

Ever witness a natural rain storm approaching where the temperature dropped noticeably cooler?  That cooling effect is evaporated water in the air. QuietCool actually generates evaporated air to cool down your employees.

Once your employees understand the cooling benefits – they will want to learn-how-to operate and take care of the QuietCool because it provides them with cooling.

Electrical costs for operating a QuietCool is about the same as a large floor fan. This unit is engineered efficient to pull less Amps. QuietCool also requires a standard 120 Volt on a regular 20 Amp breaker.

When it is switched on, the employee in-charge of the unit will walk in – turn-on the water pump – make sure the water is running – adjust the water flow, and then switch on the fan.

When it is switcehd off at the end of the workday – 15 minutes before quitting time – your employee in-charge will turn-off the water pump and let the fan continue to run – to dry the cooling pads (to avoid any algae).

When the cooling pads are completely dry – turn off the fan.

Purchasing mistakes can be costly and time consuming. At QuietCool the company understands what is important. This is an engineered efficient portable evaporative cooler.

The QuietCool is durable (will last you many years) – it is energy efficient (minimal daily operational costs) – it is easy to incorporate into your daily operational process – the training curve is minimal – maintenance is minimal – and you might even experience an increase in productivity.

QuietCool is engineered to the final degree:

- It is durable and built to last for years.
- Energy efficient - the motor and water pump pull less Amps – it has minimal daily operational cost.
- It is electrical - uses regular 120 Volts and a 20 Amp line. It has a high efficiency motor.
- Water - it uses regular utility water. It has a high efficiency pump that delivers water to saturate the cooling pads.
- Easy to use - you can roll the unit to different areas easily with a combination of straight and swivel casters – this keeps unit in a straight line.
- Has a training curve - your employees will want to know how to operate the QuietCool. It keeps them cooler.
- It is easy to incorporate into your operations.
- Needs minimal maintenance - it was engineered to be maintenance free.

With QuietCool you can feel the difference. Your employees look energised, more attentive, more responsive and alert. You can hear them – emotionally happier and more upbeat – their numbers are up.