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Quik Lok Safety Coupler | Anti-Static

Supplier: Quik Lok Safety Coupler

Anti-Static model for work areas potentially exposed to flammable gas (e.g. underground mining).

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Features and benefits:

Local on / off control of compressed air

The special air control valve at the end of each hose provides improved safety and productivity.
Safety: In the open position the air is permitted to flow thru the valve, energising the air tool. In the closed position the air is stopped from flowing to the air tool and the air trapped in the tool is exhausted through the integrated air diffuser at a safe sound level.
Productivity: The Quik Lok safety coupler is there when you need it and is within easy reach of the operator instead of walking up to 200m to the control valve.

Interlocking arms provide connection security

The interlocking arms are integrated with Quik Lok. In the open position, when air is flowing the arms are engaged with the coupled hose, which cannot be disconnected. In the closed position, the arms are withdrawn and the Quik Lok valve releases the air from the coupled hose through the integrated diffuser. The hose can now be disconnected safely. The arms secure the hose connection without an operator fitting an additional Safety Clip.
Currently the fitting of a safety clip is often forgotten or bypassed. Quik Lok does not require a safety clip allowing operators to feel safe in their working environment.

Automatic release of upstream air pressure

The automatic air pressure release is an integral safety function, as it is currently impossible to tell if a hose connection is energised or not. The Quik Lok safety coupler with interlocking arms ensures that the hose cannot be disconnected when under pressure. When the operator wishes to disconnect a hose, they must slide the valve to the Closed Position, which shuts off the air supply and exhausts the upstream air pressure from the line. This inbuilt safety feature significantly reduces possible injury to the operator and surrounding workers, by eliminating accidental high pressure, high sound hose decoupling.

Integrated air diffuser with sound dampening

The inbuilt air diffuser manages the air that is released automatically when the valve is moved to the closed position. The diffuser controls the maximum noise level, to a peak less than 80Db, this noise level is acceptable for a shift of up to 8 hrs. Without the diffuser the peak noise level recorded when releasing compressed air is in excess of 130 Db. Noise at this level causes permanent hearing loss when exposed repeatedly. Quik Lok safety coupler reduces the level of noise operators are exposed to and overall workplace noise levels, creating a better working environment.

Non corrosive lightweight, anti-static materials

To ensure the Quik Lok safety coupler functions in tough and corrosive conditions (in mines, workshops and construction sites), durable stainless steel, nylon and TPU were chosen to give the product longevity in these harsh working environments. For work areas where hazardous or explosive gases may occur, material grades with antistatic properties were chosen. Bright colours were selected allowing operators to easily locate the Quik Lok safety coupler in poorly lit work areas, the colour orange signifying a safety device.