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RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrench | Model 25GX 1" Dr

Supplier: Hire Torque Tools Victoria

The RAD Pneumatic Torque Wrench Model 25GX 1" Drive has a torque output of 500 ft - 2,500 lbs, 700 - 3,400 NM, 8 RPM, and a weight of 6.1 kg. 

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Available in Battery Torque Multipliers, Electric and Pneumatic Torque Wrench & Air Nutrunner.


  • The RAD Air Torque Wrench speeds up maintenance & shutdown bolting applications.
  • The RAD Air Nutrunner wrench offers dependable solution for controlled bolting.


  • Capable of achieving output values up to 8,500 ft.lbs with an accuracy between 3 to 5%.
  • Smooth continuous flow of controlled torque/power eliminating destructive hammering.
  • Adjustable air regulator used to set and control the final output of each tool.
  • The Lubricator supplies an automatic drip oil feed to the motor, thus ensures air motor longevity.
  • The water trap helps trap water in the air, preventing the water reaching the air motor.


  • Pneumatic Nut Runners are the FAST solution for high-torque applications needing up to 2" of thread run down.
  • Highest Power-to-Weight ratio of any air powered Nutrunner tool.
  • Versatile torque range of 150 ft-lbs. to 8,500 ft-lbs.
  • A "stall type" tool with no impacting, smooth continuous application of power, complete elimination of destructive hammering and reducing operator strain resulting in increased productivity. Stall type tool capable of accuracy of +/-5%, and with repeatability of +/-2%
  • Models with Automatic 2 speed gearbox technology for high-speed rundown and single sequence precision tightening.

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