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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Supplier: Electro-Com (Australia) Pty Ltd

Electro-Com is Australia's leading and largest supplier of Radio Frequency Identification [RFID] equipment.

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Electro-Com's RFID Application Solutions:

  • Animal Identification
  • Access Control
  • EPC global Gen2 UHF - Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Point of Sale, Loyalty scheme and club membership solutions
  • Vehicle/ Transportation
  • Ultra High Security


TI-RFid™ Low Frequency RFID
Electro-Com are the appointed distributors for TI-RFid™ low frequency (LF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers, transponders and antennas.

Texas Instruments Low Frequency RFID technology operates on a frequency of 134.2 kHz, half duplex technology. The benefits of the technology allow the tags to be made for just about any application with sufficient read range between 20cm to 250cm. Low frequency tags are passive components (i.e. no battery), which enables the tag to last for many years.

TI-RFid™ LF technology is used in such applications as livestock identification (NLIS), automotive security applications (Ford and Holden), electronic door locks, Mobil Speedpass, and vehicle parking and identification.

High Frequency RFID
Electro-Com distribute two 13.56MHz technology ranges,

  •  TI-RFID™ smart labels, tags, cards, readers and antennas and
  •  X-Ident™ smart labels.
TI-RFid™'s and X-Ident™'s high frequency RFID smart labels operate at 13.56 MHz. The paper-thin "Smart Labels" (also referred to as transponders) contain a miniature integrated circuit with an antenna that is etched on a thin piece of plastic film. These tags can be laminated between paper and plastic and are available in inlays, personalized cards, key fobs and label format.

TI-RFID 'smart labels' are suitable for high volume applications like:
- Access Control
- Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Item level tracking
- Airline Baggage
- Wireless Payments
- Point of Sale, Loyalty scheme and club membership solutions
- Express parcel identification and tracking
- Photo Identification
- Multi Authentication Access - biometrics.

Ultra High Frequency UHF RFID 860MHz - 960MHz
EPCglobal Gen2 is here!!!
Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology is the newest member of our RFID product family. UHF RFID operates between 860MHz to 960MHz band width and varies from region to region. Australia has specified 918-926MHz, the US has specified 915MHz and Europe 868MHz for RFID applications.

UHF RFID is ideally targeted towards supply chain and logistics applications and is considered to be better suited for reading pallets and cases from portal or conveyor antennas, while the HF technology's shorter read range allows for a more well-defined read zone. HF is better suited for item-level applications.

X-Ident™ UHF Smart-Label Technology
X-ident™ smart-label UHF Paper and Film labels are built for universal use. X-ident™ offer them in two forms, for plastic and cardboard. Film labels are ideal for harsh environments (reusable containers). Paper labels are available for general applications (cardboard packaging).

The UHF technology is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications in different environments such as tagging cardboard packages, plastic transport boxes or labeling shrink film on pallets.

X-ident™ UHF paper and film labels are designed and tested to be used with most of the leading RFID printers/label converters.

Texas Instruments™ EPC Gen2 UHF Technology
Texas Instruments TI-RFid™ have developed UHF RFID tags for supply chain and logistics applications that meet the EPC Gen2 standards developed by EPCglobal.

EPC UHF RFID technology adds the capabilities to change and update the information on each tag as it proceeds through various points in the supply chain. This provides new levels of up-to-date information for better decision making.

Electro-Com Long Range RFID Series:
Hyper X Microwave Long Range Technology - 2.45 GHz

  • 10 meter read range guaranteed at speeds of 100km/hr
  • Guaranteed Highest Security
  • The transponders are available in a credit card size access control card and a heavy duty industrial weather proof tag.
  • Highly reliable long range identification system.
  • Compact reader design available with built in antenna.
Hyper X Applications:
- Security
- Government and high security
- Transportation
- Logistics
- Access Control and Parking management

Axcess Inc. Active Tag - Asset Management 
Automatic Identification products from AXCESS Inc. offer network-based resource management tools designed to leverage the enterprise LAN to identify, locate and track your mission-critical people and assets right from the desktop. From protecting office computers to monitoring personnel and inventory movements, these products now bring total visibility to your business operations.

Based on its patented RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) line, ActiveTag™, AXCESS Inc. provides a single-system approach to a variety of automatic monitoring and tracking applications, including:
- Asset Management
- Personnel & Vehicle Access Control
- Personnel Monitoring
- Production and Process Control
- Inventory Tracking

Further Information : www.rfid.com.au

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