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Rail Industry Training Basic Courses | Basic Control Systems

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Rail industry training basic courses on basic control systems includes all equipments between the signaller and the interlocking.

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A control system includes all equipment between the signaller and the interlocking. Control systems collect the signaller's commands and sends them as signalling controls to the interlocking.

In turn, the interlocking detects the state of components in the rail network and sends them back to the signaller as signalling indications. This course develops a basic knowledge about signalling control systems, their components and their operation.

Basic Control Systems

About this course

This course is a basic course which means it develops knowledge about railway signalling control systems, their components and their operation ¡X all to a basic level.

Who should do this course?

This course is suitable for anyone employed in the rail industry in a technical or nontechnical role. This course is a pre-requisite to some advanced courses including the Advanced Control Systems course.

What is in this course?

  • Introduction to signalling control systems
  • Vital and Non-vital control systems
  • Local signal boxes
  • Local panel operation
  • Common control panels

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the requirements of control systems in a railway network
  • Explain the purpose of interlocking in the control system process 
  • Identify the information and reports supplied by modern train control systems
  • Identify the difference between Vital and Non-vital systems
  • Identify the purpose of local signal boxes 
  • Explain the operation of local control panels

Course investment

What is the duration of the course?

  • This course will take at least 4 hours, especially if all web links are researched.

How much does the course cost?

  • Refer to web site for current offers

Course pre-requisites

A level of knowledge of all signalling systems is critical to understand how control systems safely integrate with them. Unless participants have other training or experience, we suggest they first complete the Introduction to Signalling Systems course before attempting this.

Other valuable courses would include:

  •  Basic Rail Points
  •  Basic Signalling Principles
  •  Basic Track Circuits

Course assessment

Are external activities required?

  • Apart from a number of links to external web support materials, there are no extra requirements

How will the participant be assessed?

  • Participants will have progressive tests imbedded into the learning material and a final test at the end.

What is the outcome of the assessment?

  • Participants that complete all course activities and the assessments will receive a Certificate of Achievement.