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Raising and relevelling method used for ground problems

Supplier: Mainmark
10 December, 2010

The Uretek method provides a number of important benefits in many and varied infrastructure applications.

Not confined to work on railways projects, the unique Uretek method is widely and increasingly now employed worldwide to rectify a wide variety of ground subsidence problems – from raising and re-supporting factories, warehouses and homes, suburban roads and major highways, culverts, road bridge approach slabs, airport runways, hangars, workshops and terminal, buildings, support slabs for crane rails, sea-walls and mine stacker rails and other facilities, as well as many kinds of on-ground structures.

Uretek raises, re-levels and supports railway track, rail bridges, level crossings, parking areas, and railway platforms. Uretek's unique expanding structural resins are injected into foundation ground to raise, support, level, and correct these on-ground structures.

Uretek has lifted, supported and strengthened many types of railway structures - from railway bridges, tunnel track-slabs and level crossing areas, to weigh-bridges and hard-stands, to platforms and railways buildings.

The greatest possible load applied to the foundation ground that Uretek is to strengthen enables the greatest possible compaction. For example, a locomotive is usually placed on a rail bridge that is to be re-supported to greatly increase the overburden and ensure maximum ground compaction.

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