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Range of Drum Handling Equipment

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King Materials Handling has an extensive range of products for drum handling.

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Drum Dolly
Four 80mm diameter. Castors and a low centre of gravity frame, make moving of 200 litre drums easier and safer. Fully welded and zinc plated. Ideal for food / pharmaceutical companies.

Drum Stand
Extended handles provide extra leverage to place drum from vertical to horizontal on to stand. Front castors swivel, rear wheels are fixed. Zinc plated finish. OPTION: Internal wheels to enable drum to rotate -- helps place bung in correct position and prevents leaks.

Drum Mover
Push the Drum Mover into the drum. Pull down the handle and raise the drum just off the floor.
STANDARD MODEL with 125mm diameter. front wheels.
LARGE FRONT WHEEL MODEL with 250mm diameter. wheels. Best suited where floors are rough.

Drum Lifter Mover. Automatic Rim Latch
MODEL A: raises a 200 litre drum from floor or pallet level by foot pump hydraulic action. Automatically latches onto the drum rim and clamps.

Drum Lifter Mover. Manual Rim Latch
Hand pump hydraulic lift with manual rim latch clamping. Pull handle is also the pump handle. 250kg capacity for steel drums only.

Three models available. Unit shown is standard model. Options include Straddle version, for removing a drum from the corner of a pallet, and Wheelie Bin Carrier version, which raises a standard 240 ltr bin and transports it easily using the pull along handle.

Multilift Drum Lifter
Counterweighted base. Drum is picked up from the corner of the pallet and raised to a maximum height of 1200mm. Hand winch lift system. Suited to removing drums from a small tray truck or to place a drum onto a rack. Suitable for steel and most plastic 200 Ltr drums.
Drum High Lifter
Rim clamp action and choice of foot pump, air, hand pump or electric lifting system. Raises to 1800mm.

Drum High Lift / Forward Tipper
Rim clamp and girth clamp. This model fitted with hand worm drive gear box rotator for ease of drum contents decanting. Optional fittings to capture plastic drums, wheelie bins and heavy rolls of fabric, plastic, etc.

Narrow or straddle leg options available. The frame is available in stainless steel.

Variety of lift systems available. 

MODEL A: (Economy Unit) Foot pump hydraulic lift, with girdle clamp and gearbox rotation. Four models. Air lift option available.
MODEL B: Features two side drum clamps to grip drum via over centre lock. Foot pump hydraulic lift. Gearbox rotation. Easy to place and remove drums from pallets.
MODEL C: Rim grip clamp. The one lifter/pourer which deals successfully with the problem of raising and pouring 200 ltr plastic drums, using a combination of rim grip to remove a drum from pallet corner or floor level, then with a ratchet and strap around the drum's girth, enabling it to be poured into another receptacle.

*ALSO air and battery powered models and weigh scale option.

Drum Lever

This lever enables one person to raise a drum from the horizontal to the vertical position and vice versa.

Multi Purpose Drum Trolley

The Multi Purpose Drum Trolley is very easy to load due to its swing axle, which moves the load centre back as you tilt the drum until it comes to rest on four wheels. By pushing down on the handles, the MPDT turns into a drum stand to decant the drum's contents. Internal wheels allow the drum to rotate in the stand to prevent leaks or to place the bung in the correct position.

Fork Attached Drum Clamps

SINGLE DRUM CLAMP STYLE:  With auto action, uses the rising arm principle to clamp between the drum expansion rolls. Double clamp available also.
 AUTO RIM LATCH STYLE: Grabs the rim and auto latches. Double also available.  
TILT TO LATCH STYLE:  (Forklift must be tilt type). Double also available.
Drum Tap (Treacle Gate)

Drum taps allow viscous liquids to be regulated. Three metals available: brass, aluminium and cast steel.

Drum Rack

2 wide and 3 wide. Racks sit on top of each other to 3 high. Simple space saving system.

Every configuration of drum rack available, from single, double, vertical, horizontal, etc.

Drum Cover

This plastic cover fits over the drum top to prevent contents becoming contaminated, or on an unopened drum to prevent the top becoming waterlogged, rusty or dirty.

Drum Clamp - Crane Hoist Style

Three types: HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL (with lid) and VERTICAL (without lid).

Drum Webbing Sling

Has spreader bar with crane lift eye. Drum clamping is by ratchet and strap around girth. Tilting is manual around the sling centre point.

Drum Deheader (Manual)

The DDD/M is a low cost way of removing drum tops, using leverage and an internal blade to cleanly and without burns make the drum useful for spare parts, rubbish, etc, or simply to remove both ends for easier disposal of the drum.

Drum Deheader  (Wizard)

Many models are available, from manual, low volume, high volume, and self propelled in air and electric. Heavier units can be suspended in a special frame, making the job effortless.
Drum Bung Wrench

Removes both large and small drum bungs with ease.

Drum Hoisting Yoke

Enables a hoist or crane to raise and tilt a drum. A hinged girth clamp secures the drum to the cradle.

Also available with 3 phase pendant control rotation device.

Drum Turner

Fork attached. Allows the fork operator to either lower a drum from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. Ideal for placing drums into storage racks with minimal space between drums.

Drum Lifter-Sidetipper (Lift & Shift)

Push button battery/hydraulic lift and sideways rotation for drums, bowls, etc. Clamps can be made to suit. Manual version also available.

Fork Attached Drum Tipper

The fork attachment is used with 210 litre open top and tight head steel drums with rolling hoops. Twin harness models also accept plastic drums. Supplied with a choice of crank handle or loop chain control. Fork sleeves take a maximum fork section of 140x50mm with 656mm width between forks.

For more information on the Range of Drum Handling Equipment visit King Materials Handling at www.kinggroup.com.au
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