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Rapid Spill Control

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Rapid Spill Control

Rapid Spill Control Pty Ltd is Australia's premier online supplier of spill control and stormwater protection equipment including spill kits, portable bunding and drainseals. Our range of absorbents are suitable for oils, acids, fuels, caustics, solvents, body fluids and emulsions. As well as our range of rapid response spill kits, we supply a wide selection of liquid and drum storage, handling and decanting equipment to further minimise the hazards associated with spills in your workplace.

Rapid Spill Control spill kits are used in manufacturing, mining, food production, laboratories, warehousing, transport, marine, Defence, schools, hospitals and where ever a liquid spill of any type could damage our precious Australian environment.

The range of products and spill kit training programs available through Rapid Spill Control is the result of decades of experience in the field of environment protection. Rapid Spill Control specialises in the rapid supply of high quality Australian made solutions to environment protection issues faced by Australian Industry and Government.

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