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RapidCRM is a way of implementing a simple CRM solution for small businesses.

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Your business will be up and running with a solution integrated into your business based on the award-winning Microsoft CRM 2011 within a month.

Many people, especially owners of smaller businesses, have delayed their CRM implementation because they do not know where to start with this apparently overwhelming task.

Many of them realise that without a CRM solution their competitors will overtake them, perhaps stealing their customers because they are able to offer better customer service but even that is not enough to enable them to feel able to tackle this apparently insurmountable task.

They are overcome by the elephant in the room; and they feel that if they tackle this problem they will have to deal with this and all of the rest of their job at the same time.  Some organisations solve this problem by delegating the problem to IT. However, often IT do not really know how the business works, nor the challenges that will be faced by users in changing from the ‘now’ to the new processes based on CRM.  This results in a solution that the users are reluctant or unable to use.

The Opsis solution to this conundrum is RapidCRM.

What is RapidCRM?

RapidCRM is an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which is designed to get you up and running with CRM very quickly.  It is specifically designed for smaller businesses (or even solopreneurs) who have ambition or do not want to be left behind, but know that they do not have months to spend implementing a CRM solution for their business or spare staff members to dedicate to the CRM project.

We give you an overview guide to Microsoft CRM 2011 and you get an initial trial of 30 days.  During this time we work with you to make it work for your business. 
Once the project is complete we give you monthly reviews to ensure that everything is still on track.

Once you have started to see the benefits to your business, the solution can be expanded. 

RapidCRM gives you:

  • Easy to use CRM processes within a familiar Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office environment;
  • The customer at the heart of your business processes
  • Effective management and automation of sales, service and marketing
  • Fast, easy to use reports and dashboards so you know where you are at with your business all the time

All available online 24 hours per day

Who uses RapidCRM?

Businesses or teams / departments who need a rapid solution to their CRM conundrum which gives them tailored CRM to support their customer centric unique business processes.

RapidCRM comes in three different levels:

Silver RapidCRM

  • Silver is ideal for those small businesses who are keen to grow and have no existing CRM and little structure to the business.  Typically each employee will be working fairly independently or only sharing information via email. 
  • You will get the benefits of your contacts all in one place, and you will be able to manage to leads and sales more effectively so seeing your business grow.
  • For up to 2 users
  • Includes a half day of training on Microsoft CRM

Gold RapidCRM

  • Gold is ideal for businesses who have a small team of people working in sales or lead generation, but little process or automation.  It is likely that you are aware that some of your ways of doing business could be tightened to bring you some efficiencies
  • For up to 10 users
  • Your existing customer spread sheets and Outlook data will be brought into CRM
  • Includes 2 half days of training on Microsoft CRM

Diamond RapidCRM

  • Diamond is ideal for those smaller businesses which rely on their product catalogue to produce quotes for their customers. 
  • The diamond version of RapidCRM will give you quick and simple quotations ready to email to your clients
  • For up to 20 users
  • Your existing customer spread sheets and Outlook data will be brought into CRM
  • Your products and price list will be brought into CRM.
  • We will create two different proposal letters ready for you to use directly from CRM.
  • Includes 4 half days of training on Microsoft CRM

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