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Rat Bait | Rat Blitz

Supplier: Rural Chemical Industries (Aust.)

Rat Bait Rat Blitz is a complete ready to use bait to exterminate Rats and mice

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Rat Bait | Rat Blitz

Rat Blitz is their first choice ... And their last!

Rat Blitz is a specially formulated rat and mice bait to kill rats and mice.

Researched by Ruth Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd it is manufactured in Australia. It works where other baits fail. It is a specially designed rat poison to be used where other foods such as grain, seed, stored food is readily available to rats and mice. For this reason it is the bait of choice to control rats and mice on farms, in aviaries and zoos, silos, bunkers, ships’ holds or anywhere grain and other attractive foodstuffs are stored. A household size pack is also available.

Rats & mice are the unseen enemy of profits, consuming valuable stored grain, damaging foodstuffs and spreading disease. Rats eat buildings,insula­tion and electrical wiring, and not only build­ings, but also grain-caked machinery as well, such as headers, loading equipment etc.

They eat eggs and chicks in aviaries, zoos and destroy food and foodstuffs

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