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RCD Testing

Supplier: Australian Workplace Test & Tag

Australia’s Premium Workplace Testing Company’ also provides RCD testing

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RCD Testing

Australia’s Premium Workplace Testing Company’ also provides RCD testing

RCD Safety Switches (also know as Residual Current Devices or ELCB's). They measure the time taken for the switch to close following a current leakage fault being simulated. RCD's must be tested regularly in accordance with local regulation and the AS/NZS3760:2003.

RCD testing is an important and sometimes neglected aspect of AS/NZS3760:2003. Regular testing of fixed and portable RCDs is required to ensure their operation should leakage to earth occur in the workplace.

Don’t be fooled

  • RCD’s will not protect people against active and neutral faults
  • If a fault is with the active and Neutral wires electrocution can occur
  • Testing and tagging will also assist to identify faulty items

“These devices are designed to save lives, if you have gone to the effort to have these live saving devices installed in your workplace it only makes sense to ensure they work correctly to save lives”

Test Procedures

AWTT Perform the following tests:

  • Locate switchboard and identify circuits protected by RCD’s
  • Work with your staff to ensure equipment on the RCD circuit is shut down to ensure no lost data or safety issues arise
  • Check switchboard door hinge, locking mechanism and weatherproof seal.
  • Push button test to ensure RCD is operational
  • Conduct the trip time test
  • Conduct trip current test
  • Ensure time and current fall within AS3760
  • Record all test results and deliver to staff and place a copy in the switchboard.

Our technicians will perform both a "push button" and millisecond test to ensure that these devices are functioning within appropriate standards. The information from these tests shall be recorded and reported to you