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Real-time Ethernet Solutions - MotiFlex e100

Supplier: ABB Australia

MotiFlex e100 is part of the e100 real-time Ethernet solution from Baldor.

Price Guide: POA

System architecture is simplified by a single, highly configurable drive and motion control platform.
Universal Feedback Support
Supported feedback devices range from simple cost effective encoders, through absolute multi-turn devices such as EnDat 2.2 to robust and vibration tolerant resolvers.

Energy Efficient DC Sharing
MotiFlex drives include the ability to share DC energy as standard. Each drive can convert power from the AC supply to share with other drives, eliminating the need for separate power supplies. Sharing energy also removes the need for regeneration resistors making the application more energy efficient. Energy is no longer wasted as heat.

Ethernet Cost Savings and Performance
MotiFlex e100 integrates the advanced capabilities of real-time Ethernet POWERLINK to provide superior performance, network integration and costs savings. MotiFlex e100 is compatible with the NextMove e100 motion controller to provide a fully integrated machine control solution using real-time Ethernet.

Powerful Software Tools - Supplied FREE of Charge
Mint WorkBench for Windows, provides full auto-tuning, wizards that simplify 'expert tasks' and advanced diagnostics including 6 channel digital oscilloscope. Extended capabilities include programmable notch filters to reduce or remove resonance in a machine.

Modular Expansion Options
Two option card slots allow the MotiFlex to be tailored for different applications. Options include resolver feedback, additional I/O including analog and digital, Fieldbus interfaces and Mint programming options for both dual and multi-axis applications.


  • Ethernet POWERLINK for real-time control
  • Integrated hub for simple 'daisy chain' of drives
  • TCP/IP Ethernet operation for less demanding applications
  • CAN in Automation (CiA) DS402 Positioning Drive profile)
  • CANopen network manager for low cost I/O expansion
  • Rotary or linear brushless servo motors
  • Closed loop AC vector motor motor control
  • V/Hz operation (open loop control)
  • 3 phase 180-528 VAC (max) 50/60Hz AC Shared
  • DC Bus operation with simple link system
  • 1.5, 3.0, 6.0, 10.5, 16, 21.5, 26 and 34.5A rating with flexible overload ratings
  • Universal encoder interface supporting: incremental encoder; synchronous serial interface (SSI); EnDat v2.1/v2.2, 1V Sin/Cos and BiSS encoders. Optional resolver interface and secondary encoder interface for dual loop control
  • 4 digital inputs. Opto-isolated 24V. Two inputs can be programmed to capture axis position within 1 microsecond
  • 2 digital outputs. Opto-isolated 24V PNP. 50mA per channel
  • 2 expansion card slots for: secondary feedback, Mint programming options, fieldbus options and I/O expansion.
  • Auto-tuning, configuration wizards and software oscilloscope facilities via Mint WorkBench for Windows.
  • Notch filters to combat mechanical resonance
  • LED status indicators for error and communications notification
  • USB port for configuration
  • ActiveX libraries for communication and control, supplied free of charge