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Supplier: Zebra Technologies

Selecting the best thermal materials for your documents and receipts is very important.

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While they look similar, the chemical make-up of each material affects its lifespan. Therefore, you should consider the following when selecting a material.

Heat Exposure – If your document will be exposed to temperatures higher than 140 degrees F (60 degrees C), you will need to choose a material that is heat-resistant, such as our 8000D High-Temp 3.2mil Receipt.

Moisture – Determine how much, if any, moisture your document is going to be subjected to.

Topcoating – Provides a layer of protection for the image.

Thickness – The thicker the material, the less paper per roll, resulting in fewer documents that can be printed before the roll needs to be changed.

Archivability – Determine how long the receipt will need to last when stored under published archival duration specifications.

Pre-printed Receipts – Zebra can manufacture custom receipt paper and pre-print your company logo, watermarks, fields or other text.

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