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Reconsidering Mag Flow Meters: Insertion Vs Full Bore

Supplier: Burkert Fluid Control Systems
20 January, 2009

Insertion and Full Bore Magflow Meters are both excellent options for measuring more demanding processes. While the Full Bore Magflow Meter is more commonly used, the Insertion Magflow in many applications is a better alternative offering cost, commissioning and maintenance efficiencies.

Applications where the Insertion Magflow Meter is frequently an ideal choice are those where the extreme accuracy of Full Bore Magflow Meters (typically 0.5%) is overkill and the 2% accuracy of the Insertion Magflow will suffice, and where pipe bore is less than 400mm.

Such applications include:

  • Well and river water pump monitoring (irrigation) 
  • Farming // irrigation water use monitoring 
  • Water use monitoring in process industry applications
  • Flocculent dosing (makeup) 
  • Water balancing (Water Treatment Plants) 
  • Intake water monitoring (Water Treatment Plants) 
  • Discharge water monitoring

In such suitable applications Insertion Magflow Meters, for example Bürkert’s Type 8045, offer significant benefits with hardware savings alone reaching 75% on larger sized pipes.  In service lifetime however commissioning and servicing benefits deliver greater savings. 

  • Always the same instrument and electronics
  • Simple installation, no flanges
  • Weld on fitting or tapping band through the pipe
  • Low weight; no support or brackets required
  • Simple removal for inspection and cleaning
  • Highly reliable and robust with minimal maintenance needs
  • May be used with all types of piping (stainless steel, cement lined, plastic)

Bürkert’s Type 8045 Insertion Magflow Meter is suitable for pipe diameter DN6 .. 400mm and flow velocities of 0.2 .. 10m/sec (volumes 0.02 .. 4500m3 per hour).  A wide range of process media is catered to with the Type 8045 suitable for media -15°C .. 110°C and up to 16 bar pressure.  Delivering IP65 protection class, the 8045 Insertion Magflow Meter offers security of a different type with lockable self-enclosure for field applications.

Further functional benefits include 4 .. 20mA, 2 x Relay and transistor (pulse) outputs, with data logging, batch control and totalising operations.  Programming is made via 3 buttons on the fascia with readout via graphic display which is clearly visible through the self-enclosure.

Bürkert offers both Full Bore and Insertion Magflow Meters, and has trained engineers available to assist with product specification for your specific application. 

Pictured: the Type 8045 Insertion Mag Flow Meter with Stainless Steel sensor & the Type 8055 General Purpose Full Bore Mag Flow Meter with local display (compact version).

With a global network spanning offices in more than 40 countries and operational outposts in an additional 80, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is an established and mature global organisation with 61 years global experience and almost 30 years in Australia and New Zealand. 

Bürkert technical support may be contacted on 1300 888 868 and sales.au@burkert.com in Australia, and 0800 Bürkert (287 537) and sales.nz@burkert.com in New Zealand.