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Recycling Technologies Group

Recycling Technologies Group | Recycling Solutions for Manufacturing Waste

Recycling Technologies Group

Recycling is the future. There is no doubt. Clever recycling that provides sustainability both for the environment and the businesses operating in it is the way forward. A clean green and profitable future.

Companies are learning that good waste management not only safeguards employees and saves the environment; it is also turning into money.

Waste from manufacturing is inevitable and a significant by-product in the Australian industrial processes. Intelligent recycling of waste is emerging as a corporate governance issue of equal importance to that of long term company profitability.

The emphasis in now on responsibility in business, that of being a good corporate citizen.

Recycling can be a profitable operation, in many manufactuing facilities. Recycling and reclamation of cutting oils, emulsions and water for re-use makes strong economic sense. Processing waste materials such as metals, plastics and timber into a reusable resources results in profit straight back into the business

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