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Red tape repeal will 'lighten the load' on business

21 March, 2014

"The Australian Industry Group strongly welcomes the initiatives the government is taking to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses and other organisations," Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) Chief Executive, Innes Willox has asserted.

"The Omnibus Repeal Day (Autumn 2014) Bill to be introduced into the Parliament today is an important first step in reducing the compliance and reporting burdens that cost businesses so much in time and money.

"The need to deal with excessive red and green tape consistently ranks as a major barrier to business growth, investment and employment.  Ai Group members often report that the red and green tape burden is getting worse not better despite years of commitments to lighten the load.

"Ai Group and the business community generally recognise the need for appropriately designed regulation to support and improve outcomes for consumers, employees, businesses and other organisations.

"The challenge is to identify and prioritise reforms over rest of this term to eradicate redundant, complex and duplicative regulation while also providing industry with clear frameworks for investment and job creation.

"As with all legislation, the government needs to be alert to any unintended consequences of the measures contained it the Repeal Day Bill and it needs to be ready to act to ensure that these are addressed as quickly as possible,"  Willox said.

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Ken Goldsmith | Friday, March 21, 2014, 11:48 AM
I hope this is not just another govt. ploy to exonerate itself from proper oversight and prevention of inappropriate mining and subsidised, foreign owned windfarms. With the AiG's approval, it looks more like that is exactly what it is.