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Redispan - Points of Difference

Supplier: Redispan Modular Conveyor Solutions By: Redispan Modular Conveyor Solutions
09 June, 2010

Redispan Conveyor Gallery Systems offer industry, a fully integrated product, engineered for the envionment, and arguably the world's best practice in structural and environmental design, manufacture and the operation of Conveyor Gallery Systems.

Engineered for the Environment

The cost effective Redispan Conveyor Gallery Systems are simple and safe to erect, and very amenable to good house keeping practice, complimenting environmental requirements of dust, spillage, and noise containment.

  • Totally enclosed construction affording total containment of dust, wash down and spillage.
  • Materials of construction that minimise both noise emission and maintenance, selected for low impact on greenhouse gas emission.
  • Low energy requirement through use of natureal lighting and natural ventilation;
  • Modular Redispan Galleries are simply erected and may be dismantled, for relocation therefore enabling future reuse in either the original format or modified.
  • Redispan Trestles contribute to low impact on the environment through less disturbance of ground surfaces.
  • Both the Redispan Gallery and the Redispan Trestle System have been designed to improve aesthetics and visual appearance through use of round sections, allowing self-shedding of dust and natural cleansing of sections by rain.
  • Concrete floors which are wear resistant and fully sealed for washdown, offer exceptional sound attenuation and cost effective supply - steel floors are optional.
  • Sidewalls of deep rib, heavy gauge structural cladding provides substantial noise attenuation, is fully sealed at laps, structurally durable, and cost effective.
  • Roll curved heavy gauge custom blue orb roof sheeting provides sound attenuation, is capable of wide spans, and is employed in Redispan as a non structural member, and also permits lateral shedding of rain and dust.
  • All Redispan modules are flat face flanged at ends enabling sealing during assembly and erection, roof sheeting is similarly flanged with a sealed flat steel connector between successive modules without the need for external access. Floor panels are sealed with polyurethane flexible caulking at all joints.
  • Redispan galleries are unique in their design in that no bolted connection of gallery to trestle is required. The connection is simply an over size cylindrical can socket over the end of a pipe trestle, accommodating self alignment and thermal expansion. The subsequent erection of gallery modules is safe, fast and very efficient.
  • Redispan trestles are available in either 'H' frame design or as single leg. In the latter case, the trestle is less visually & physically obtrusive, permitting improved access adjacent to the conveyor.