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Reduce the costs of damaged shipments

Supplier: Shockwatch
13 April, 2010

Embedded into custom labels, clips, or devices and affixed directly onto your shipment or product, ShockWatch Shipping & Handling Monitors prevent mishandling throughout the storage and transportation process.

These monitors raise awareness that special handling is required, and indicate when improper conditions occur, including:

By protecting your goods in transport, ShockWatch enables you to reduce damage-related costs and strengthen your reputation for damage-free delivery. Even with extremely sensitive items, you avoid the risks that usually come with shipping.

ShockWatch Shipping & Handling Monitors:

  • Establish a recognizable visual deterrent to mishandling
  • Create constant reinforcement of handling standards
  • Provide a reliable visible indicator when mishandling occurs
  • Improve your image as a provider of damage-free goods
  • Increase customer confidence and loyalty

You can't be with your goods every step of the way. Fortunately, ShockWatch can. Take control of your goods in transit. When you need a partner in damage prevention — We're On It.

See how ShockWatch Shipping & Handling Monitors can reduce damage to your goods in transit.
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