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Reduce the costs of material handling equipment

Supplier: Shockwatch
13 April, 2010

Mounted directly to your equipment, ShockWatch Equipment Monitors ensure proper usage around the clock.

By capturing data on all aspects of operation and actually controlling others, ShockWatch Monitors enable you to manage your operation like never before. Plus, their mere presence is enough to encourage your workforce to work smarter.

Operator accountability and quality of information will soar, while costs due to accidents, misuse, and untimely maintenance and repair will begin to disappear. Identifying the drivers of these financial drains is the first step to eliminating them.

ShockWatch Equipment Monitors help:

  • Reduce costs of impact-related damage caused by your equipment to products, fixtures, facilities, other equipment, and the equipment itself
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and OH&S
  • Minimize downtime through optimal maintenance scheduling that allows you to perform repairs exactly when they're needed
  • Positively change operator behaviour through accountability
  • Create a safer workplace and minimize accidents and claims

In use the world over, ShockWatch Equipment Monitors help businesses obtain the knowledge that leads to safer operations, smarter decisions, and reduced costs. When you need a partner in damage prevention - We're On It.