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Reducing costs of hazardous waste bins

Supplier: King Materials Handling By: Ron Mileham
12 March, 2014

King Materials Handling recently supplied 20 hazardous waste bins for a company specialising in collecting and disposing of hazardous waste.

Toxic waste is transported in specially fabricated bins with lockable sealed  lids. The bins are tested to internationally recognized standards before being able to be sold.

The client advised us that they had gone along the route of manufacturing the particular bin they needed in Australia, only to find that the cost was around $2400.00.

We did the same exercise and found that $1500.00 was our best price.

There is a company in Germany, who has looked at the world scene for hazardous waste bins, and concluded rightly, that if they were the lowest cost supplier, they would win much if not all of the business going.

Their manufacturing plant is fully automated. The design engineers feed the information in at one end and the auto cutters, benders, welders do the rest. Very little is left for people to do, other than fit seals in lids, then attach the lid.

Their price for the same bin is $600.00. The bins come complete with certification and stock is available right now.

That bin could be made anywhere in the world – even Australia!  We need to think global!