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Reducing downtime and increasing efficiencies key to higher profits

Supplier: Jeff Hort Engineering
17 December, 2009

Jeff Hort Engineering (JHE) Wear Resistant Products Division is setting the benchmark in the Rubber and Ceramic lining industry.

It is a known fact that downtime in the mining industry or for that matter any industry is expensive. JHE provides the best in materials and superior workmanship, no matter what size the job, no matter how complex.

Reducing the downtime and increasing efficiencies are the keys to your higher profits. Using our quality rubber products in sheet or fabricated form can significantly contribute to achieving these goals.

Rubber has many advantages, it is extremely effective abrasion resistant material – Highly resilient and low hardness – able to absorb and repulse impact – Resistant to corrosion and chemical attack and it can also reduce noise and vibration.

For more severe applications where rubber may be unsuitable Jeff Hort Engineering can provide high grade alumina tiles made from exceptionally pure uniformly controlled alpha aluminium oxide and is engineered to be one of the best wear resistant materials available for fine particle abrasion.

For all your wear resistant products, pipe and tank lining solutions, call Chris Collins - WRP Superintendent - on  +61 2 6361 1966 or email chris.collins@jeffhort.com.au 

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